How does it work?

Start with the Hub, the brains of the operation. All our sensors wirelessly connect to the Hub which brings them all together. Use the Hub to create a useful automation for everyday tasks. For example, create an automation on the hub to alert you when the front door is left open.

Follow it up by adding any number of our Mecha Smart sensors. Click on the links below to learn more about each individual sensor.


Select the Hub

Putting the smart in smart home


Select the sensors

Add-on your favorite Mecha Smart Sensors


Download the app

Download the Tuya app and start automating!

Stuck setting up the Mecha Smart Home Hub? 
Take a look at the Help Centre.

⚠️ The Aeotec and Fibaro products do not integrate with the Mecha Smart Hub. They require a separate Z-Wave based hub. We do now offer the Vera Edge Lite Z-Wave Home Controller which can act as a Hub for both the Aeotec and Fibaro range of products.

For our more experienced smart home and home automation customers, you can purchase the Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick which can be used with your own DIY Home Hub.  

We are hoping to offer the Mecha DIY Smart Hub in the near future, which will leverage Home Assistant to bring together both all our range of products.